Living Beyond the Book

Ep. 3: Messy Mapping: Know Your Premise

December 01, 2020 Emma Boone Season 1 Episode 3
Living Beyond the Book
Ep. 3: Messy Mapping: Know Your Premise
Show Notes

December is a time when most people relax and take time to reset, which is important. But with minimal effort, you can also keep your momentum going so you’re ready to start strong, right out of the gate, in January with your new book ideas. 

Throughout December, we’ll be talking all about structure within your story. If we have a plan, it makes it easier to get into the actual writing. 

Messy Mapping is my favorite. It’s a loose, messy plan that doesn’t take a lot of time and effort, and it doesn’t suck the joy out of writing like strict outlines can. The basic details you need to get started writing a strong story are:

·      know your premise

·      know your conflict

·      know your guideposts

·      know your characters 

In this episode, we talk about premise, which is always the most fun part of writing! Who doesn’t love the premise of a captivating story? Whether it’s a movie or a book or gossip from a friend, we love the idea of an intriguing story and that’s what initially hooks us.

We’ll talk about:

·      famous premises that work well

·      why restrictions within genres are helpful to add structure

·      ways to find your own premise

·      and a few methods for doing the work up front to save time in writing and revisions 

A premise doesn’t need to be complicated, but doing a little work on it before you start your writing can save you lots of time, help your momentum, and point you in the right direction to avoid a lot of time rewriting or digging yourself out of plot holes. 

We’ll see you inside the episode!